Taking a walk after dinner

Want to make something into a habit?   My recent goal has been to take a walk every evening after dinner.  I am a couple of weeks into this accomplishment and feeling proud of myself.   When I was, probably a bit, boastful at the office,  Anna casually mentioned to me that it takes 66 days to form a habit.

Anna is an excellent Real Estate Broker – she provides amazing customer service to our clients and is wonderful at keeping all aspects of our office organized.    But is she also an authority on achievement science?   I did a bit of googling last night (after my walk, of course) and discovered Anna knows her stuff.

The definitive research on the subject was published in this 2010 paper:  How are habits formed: Modelling habit formation in the real world,  from Phillippa Lally et.al.    There was wide variation in how long it took to form a habit, both in individual differences as well as in the difficulty of the habit.  The easiest habit was drinking water and the most challenging were exercise behaviors which took substantially longer to make habitual.  According to their study, the average time to form a habit was 66 days.

I would recommend you all to take on a new habit and see what results you encounter.  I would also recommend that you get to know Anna, in addition to receiving great support with any of your Commercial Real Estate needs, you never know what else you might learn

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