The only thing that is constant is change

The statue quo is comforting.  Change can be difficult.

Our front yard had three large red oak trees. In the fall, the one on the left fell after the rain and wind of Hurricane Florence. We had an arborist take a look at the situation and inspect the remaining two trees.  His opinion was that these trees were all in very good shape and had been there for 60-80 years – the fallen tree was an anomaly.

During one of our heavy spring rains, the one on the right fell.  Anomaly indeed.
So we are adapting to change and proactively taking down the remaining tree in the middle.

When conditions change, the status quo is no longer appropriate.  And The Times They Are a-Changin’.

This is a lesson in Commercial Real Estate, too.  We all see this quite strongly in the brick and mortar retail sector.  Big boxes were once new and disruptive; now in many places, they are out of fashion.  Co-working is disrupting traditional office space.  Of course it is not just real estate – major disruptions are occurring in the transportation, television, and grocery businesses.  Income inequality is growing, our population is aging, and, of course, The Robots are Coming.

At Amy Bush Commercial, we might not know where all of this change is going, but we are in touch with the Triangle Commercial Real Estate market every day.  We talk with bankers, appraisers, landlords, tenants, investors, developers, and other clients.  We identify what is selling, what is leasing, where the action exists and where it does not.  We know the ever changing market and would be pleased assist you with your Commercial Real Estate needs.

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