Sondheim’s “Sunday in the Park with George” is based on this Seurat painting

At Amy Bush Commercial, we strive to meet and try to exceed the expectations of our clients.   We negotiate Real Estate deals between passionate Buyer and Sellers, as well as spirited Landlords and Tenants — there is always a lot of energy in the room.   Yet, we have successfully closed well over a hundred transactions a year, year after year.  What is the secret to our success, what is our magic?    Well, there is no secret, there is no magic;  it is the power of showing up and doing the hard work.

  • Some of the time, we are rewarded with high compliments.
  • Seldom, but it happens,  the feedback isn’t too complimentary.
  • Much of the time no one notices, but that is okay, a good job is its own reward.
  • But in each and every time, we showed up and did the work.

Our Commercial Real Estate business reminds me of one of the most prolific talents in musical theater, Stephen Sondheim.  He has produced an amazing body of work in a very demanding industry year after year.  Fortunately for us, Amy Bush Commercial does not have to deal with Broadway critics!

There was a Stephen Sondheim interview many years ago.  When the interviewer asked him how he came up with all those clever words and rhymes and puns in his music.  Without missing a beat, Sondheim said that he used a thesaurus and a rhyming dictionary.  The interviewer was shocked and implied that was cheating.  Sondheim responded, “Not at all, there’s no adherent genius – it’s just hard work.”

If you would like us to show and and do the hard work, we would be honored to assist you with your Commercial Real Estate needs.

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