What is your Vision? As a young girl were you ever told that you could not do something you wanted to do? Was your voice silenced by negative words?

This holiday weekend I went to see the new movie Joy with Jennifer Lawrence. Jennifer Lawrence as you know is the star of the Hunger Games. Drilling down to the very basics of the series, The Hunger Games was about a young girl with no voice that became the voice of an uprising. She became a leader. The series resonated with young girls and women in general because we were able to watch Katniss go from a shy girl, to a young woman that weathered ups and downs, made choices while on her way to becoming a leader of an uprising that changed a nation.

Joy was about a young girl that had dreams of what she could be and a strong grandmother that spoke to her and told her all her dreams were reality. Her grandmother told her countless times that she was a strong young girl and would be a successful woman. Joy then lost her voice. She lost her vision, her dream, and her direction when she was told by a father she would not amount to anything. Joy eventually found her voice and found her success. Joy was about strength and resilience. It was about looking within and knowing that what you may be told about yourself is not true. It was about finding resilience and a voice, it was about becoming a strong leader.

I relate this to this as a professional women working in a male-dominated profession. I think woman need to find their inner voice and fierceness. Do not be passive, set a goal and know that you can do it. Know your business inside and out and do not be afraid to fail. Failure leads to continued learning. Bouncing back after disappointments is paramount to growth.

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