Harvest Moon – 2018

John Keats’ “To Autumn”  sums up the season perfectly.   The full moon represents the fruitfulness of the harvest and the longer nights encourage the autumnal mists.  And this week is the beginning of fall – our favorite season.

I’m sure there’s some naysayers out there. We’ve just experienced Hurricane Florence.  The election season is upon us.  The stores are filled with tacky Halloween decorations.  And the coffee shops are loaded with pumpkin spice monstrosities.


Hurricane Florence visits Amy Bush Commercial

But fall brings the leaves changing colors. The cooler weather.  Quality time with our families.  Football!

From all of us at Amy Bush Commercial, we wish you all a very pleasant and productive autumn and we will look forward to seeing you all at the Fair.

Hurricane Florence

We wish everyone has a safe place to sit out Hurricane Florence.  I am sure that the wind and rain damage is as troubling to you as it is to us, but things can be repaired or replaced.   Please be safe.

We heard on the television news that they get feedback from people who are tired of hearing the some, repeated warnings.  Well, we are sure that you have heard them over and over again, too.  But we will repeat them as well:
– STAY INDOORS. Do not venture out during the storm.
– Do NOT drive or walk through stagnant or moving floodwaters.
– If your power goes out, do NOT operate gas powered generators or charcoal grills in or near your home.
– Have your emergency kit ready!

Amy Bush Commercial is proud to be affiliated with Keller Williams — our culture’s mission statement rings true in everything we value.  “Whether it’s serving each other, serving our communities or serving our planet, a culture of doing more than just selling real estate defines us as a company.”

Already, KW Cares has reached out to us;  we will be here to reach out to you.

We hope you stay safe.