Spring is a busy time at Amy Bush Commercial with many new properties on the market.   With every relationship, we strive to make the experience both positive and successful though our diligence.  Hard work or diligence, which thankfully Merriam-Webster gives as the primary meaning of the word industry, is the essence of Commercial Real Estate.

This got me thinking about “Aesop’s Fables”.  These fables are a collection of stories designed to teach moral lessons and are credited to Aesop, a Greek slave and story-teller who was thought to have lived between 620 and 560 BCE.  Particularly, the story of The Farmer & His Sons.   Since these fables are in the public domain, I’ll just copy my favorite here and get back to work!

The Farmer & His Sons

A rich old farmer, who felt that he had not many more days to live, called his sons to his bedside.
“My sons,” he said, “heed what I have to say to you. Do not on any account part with the estate that has belonged to our family for so many generations. Somewhere on it is hidden a rich treasure. I do not know the exact spot, but it is there, and you will surely find it. Spare no energy and leave no spot unturned in your search.”
The father died, and no sooner was he in his grave than the sons set to work digging with all their might, turning up every foot of ground with their spades, and going over the whole farm two or three times.
No hidden gold did they find; but at harvest time when they had settled their accounts and had pocketed a rich profit far greater than that of any of their neighbors, they understood that the treasure their father had told them about was the wealth of a bountiful crop, and that in their industry had they found the treasure.

2017 NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship

March Madness is upon us and we have filled out our brackets.   One can learn a lot about someone from how they pick their teams.  I’ll give you some insight into our methodology at Amy Bush Commercial and perhaps you will learn something you didn’t know about us.

Risk Taking:

On one hand, be conservative – the tournament only averages about 6 first-round upsets out of 32 games.  Second-round upsets are even more rare, in the past 15 years only seven schools seeded 12 or lower made it to the Sweet Sixteen.   And historically, about 70 percent of the Elite Eight has been composed of teams seeded 1, 2, or 3.

On the other hand, don’t be too conservative – to win your pool, you’ll still have to pick a few early surprises.   Of course, you will need to get them right.

Keep your Eyes on the Prize:

On one hand, school spirit is for suckers – as much as you love your school, your bracket should be free of softhearted sentiment.

On the other hand, maybe winning your pool isn’t the real prize –  let’s go all in for the Triangle and the ACC.   We are picking 3 of 4 ACC schools in the Final Four (Duke, UNC, and UVa) and wish NCSU the best.

Good luck to everyone and save us some beer and wings!

If you take a look at our Facebook page, you can see many photos from the  Triangle Commercial Association Of Realtors 2017 Frontier Awards.   We are very proud of winning the Busy Broker and President’s Circle Awards.

English is full of tiny nuances in meaning. The words award and reward, for example, might seem to mean exactly the same thing.  Award and reward have very similar meanings. They both refer to something received as a result of one’s actions.

We are very proud of our Awards – the recognition from our peers at our accomplishments is humbling.  But our most cherished Rewards come from the entrepreneurs,  investors, and professionals we work with who are all willing to help each other succeed and thrive.

Thank you for all the appreciation of our hard work, record performance, and quality service we provide.

Wishing everyone a awarding and rewarding 2018.