WeWork announced offices at 1 Glenwood in Downtown Raleigh

One doesn’t need to read the Amy Bush Commercial blog (though we’re glad your here) to see all the changes in the way we work in 2018.  But in case you haven’t heard,  WeWork is coming to Raleigh.  And if that doesn’t seem monumental to you, here is what The Atlantic wrote about WeWork in a recent issue: “WeWork is the world’s leading co-working company and the sixth-most-valuable start-up, according to VentureSource. Last year it was valued at $20 billion, a staggering sum for a company renting out short-term office space, mostly to small businesses and freelancers.”

In the coming  years, Commercial Real Estate forecasts anticipate that a significant percentage of office space will  be used as co-working space.  One study stated that worldwide, with a plurality in the United States, there were approximately 1.27 million people working in co-working spaces with the number of co-working spaces growing from 2,000 to 15,500 over the past 5 years.

The first wave of co-working served a relatively small, scrappy set of independent contractors and do-gooders. You cannot go to a coffee shop, or library, or workspace incubator without seeing laptoppers in jeans clacking away.

Sola Coffee in Raleigh


The Frontier in RTP

Cameron Village Public Library

The second wave of co-working has responded to an economy in which independent work has become more default than choice.  And the co-working industry is here to stay.  It will probably have growth pains like any other new, disruptive development.  For example, in the 1990’s, full-service office suite rentals were the new thing.  Regus was the market leader, prospered during those boom years, particularly in the late 1990’s as start-ups mushroomed.  The bubble did eventually burst and Regus’s stock took a beating, but the full-service office suite rental market is back and as profitable as ever.

There are several home grown Commercial Co-Working spaces in the Triangle and, as indicated by WeWork coming to town, expect the opportunities to grow.  These are exciting times in the office space world and we hope to hear from you.  Whether you are a buyer/seller or landlord/tenant , Amy Bush Commercial can help you with all your commercial real estate needs.

Don Quixote and Sancho Panza in Plaza de España

At Amy Bush Commercial, our mission is to provide our clients with the highest customer service standards possible. Commercial Real Estate has many facets and every deal has its own unique opportunities and challenges.  We can help guide you though the sales, leasing and investment brokerage journey.   Even on holiday, we think about our relationships with our clients – coming across the impressive Cervantes statue in central Madrid is a case in point.

Here we meet up with Don Quixote and his “sidekick” Sancho Panza.   We love Don Quixote’s idealism and nobility, but also know that we need Sancho Panza ‘s practicality over this idealism.   This contrast is as true in literature as it is in life and business.

So like the great Spanish epic novel, Commercial Real Estate is a journey!  Whether you have a need for Buyer/ Seller Representation, Landlord / Tenant Representation or Real Estate Development Services, we will strive to make your experience both positive and successful.  Your judgement of how we do our job is like one of the most memorable lines from Cervantes, “The Proof is in the Pudding”.

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