Alexander Hamilton portrait by John Trumbull 1806
                     Hamilton tells a story

Each of the properties listed at Amy Bush Commercial are special and we like them all the same, so I do not usually write about a specific one here, but there is a story.  Walking in the snow this past week, I met another Commercial Real Estate broker who sold a building about 40 years ago that we have listed today.  That got me thinking about history, though seeing Hamilton at the DPAC the previous week might have been another reason that history is on my mind.  It wasn’t that long ago that the city of Raleigh didn’t extend beyond Crabtree creek, Millbrook was a village, not a road, Kildare Farms was a farm…

Here is some history on a building for sale on Wake Forest Road near Crabtree Creek.

The road, was “originally” the trail from Richmond and DC to the new capitol city in North Carolina, but before that I would image it was a trading route and before that an animal path.  I wonder about all the different bridges that were built there over the creek through the years.  It was the major US North-South Route-1 for many years – before the Downtown/Capitol Boulevard highway US-1 and now the 440 Beltline US-1.

The neighborhood has pre-war mill worker houses, GI Bill “suburban” homes, Brady Bunch split levels.  Now, of course, the area is in full Millennial Mode with a Wegmans under construction no less.

The property itself has probably had dozens of different uses over the years.

But the most interesting history is the story of the people who have lived, worked, traveled, invested, and contributed – and are continuing to contribute to the story – on that land.  As Hamilton would sing, “The Story of Tonight”.

What is your story?